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mlcoa is a premier provider of Independent Medical Examination services to insurers, government departments, self-insured companies and the legal profession. With 30 years’ experience, mlcoa delivers consistently high levels of reporting services by 300 respected and experienced Medical Specialists across all capital cities and key regional areas of Australia. mlcoa is able to facilitate international bookings on your behalf through our global partnerships with reputable independent medical firms in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

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Commencing operations in 2003, IPAR has grown rapidly to become the largest provider of work and health solutions with more than 55 offices across Australia. IPAR’s services are designed to improve the work, wellbeing and health outcomes of people, and thereby improve the performance of the compensation or employment schemes they are assisted through. Every year, IPAR receives more than 17,000 referrals across workers compensation schemes, compulsory third party schemes, life insurance, career transition services and employer direct programs.

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Next Health Group

Over the past ten years, we have grown to become WA’s largest provider of Independent Medical Examinations. Our medical specialists have conducted thousands of general and permanent impairment assessments. Their unprecedented experience across a wide range of disciplinary fields means you can expect dependable medical expertise and opinion, whatever your needs.

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ASSESS Medical Group

ASSESS Medical Group, based across Australia, is the preferred provider for Independent Medical Examinations, having 30 years’ experience in medico-legal reports.

Our highly experienced specialist medical consultants have an in-depth understanding of medico-legal issues including workplace, motor vehicle accidents, public liability and any health related issue which requires an opinion. In addition, our Health Professionals also provide Functional, Vocational, Labour Market Analysis and ADL reports. Our philosophy is to provide our clients with reliable evidence based reports.

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Medilaw offers fair and balanced opinions to the legal, insurance, workers compensation, superannuation and government sectors. Medilaw’s network of specialists express their medical opinion objectively, fairly and with due consideration to the injured party.

Medilaw dually offers services that include independent medical examinations, expert witness opinions and file reviews across 18 different specialities.

Additionally, Medilaw offers straightforward access to a diverse cohort of specialist consultants, with appointments available in all Australian capital cities and links to a number of regional Queensland locations.

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mi-Support provide best-of-class practice management and administration solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiencies, giving you valuable extra time to focus on your patients.

With over 30 years’ experience, our extensive knowledge of the health sector places us in a unique position. Our thorough understanding of the patient journey permits us to offer the kind of support that enables practitioners to provide optimum care.

Our services are consistent and reliable. With mi-Support, satisfaction is guaranteed every time.

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CaseWorks Australia

The claims assessment process can be challenging and involve complex information gathering requirements that can add to the stress associated with injury or illness.

CaseWorks are helping to simplify this by providing a highly personalised and supportive service to help completion of claim applications and clarify expectations.

Superior information gathering at the outset of a claim reduces the amount of time taken between claims notification and the payment of benefits in addition to improving the ongoing management of claims and support for recovery.

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Australian Medico-Legal Group

The Australian Medico-Legal Group is one of the most trusted names in the medico-legal field, with over 25 years of industry experience, they deliver outstanding services by building meaningful relationships and provide high quality outcomes.

The quality and range of medico-legal specialists, management systems, technology and technical expertise are what set them apart from the rest.  The founding principle is quite simple – it is based upon providing professional and impartial medico-legal solutions supported with the expected high level of customer service, including flexible appointments and a commitment to work with you to drive innovation.

Supported by a management team of experienced industry experts, Australian Medico-Legal Group has a panel of over 400+ medical specialists carefully selected across more than 70 medical specialties throughout NSW and all States and Territories of Australia. Including specialists in New Zealand, Canada, London and The United States of America.  Australian Medico Legal Group is an industry leader in providing professional medico-legal assessments and reporting.

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Our cross-disciplinary approach provides a range of specialists devoted to occupational health. We are the only Australian specialist psychiatry practice devoted to occupational health. This provides us with a deep insight and understanding into the spectrum of mental health issues in the workforce.

All our psychiatric assessments are undertaken by registered psychiatrists at the specialist level. We have access to Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Neuropsychologists and Occupational Physicians to provide reports. We are able to provide Psychologists and Occupational Physicians to conduct Vocational Assessments, Functional Capacity Evaluations and Work Capacity Assessments.

We have 15 years of experience providing psychological Fitness for Work Assessments and training and education for clients in the offshore oil & gas sector, marine sector, mining, engineering, and transport industry.

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